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Fantasy Floorplans

--- last update 1.10.99 ---

Welcome to my fantasy floorplans site. This should be a resource for the GM to get all his fancy floorplans he needs, when he is mastering an adventure.

You as a GM should feel encouraged to use the maps, although nobody may put floor plans on this site in a product for which is charged money, without the permission of the map creator.

Why a floor plan site?

Call for submissions!


Take me to the floorplans!

About me.

Why a floor plan site?

When i'm mastering some self created adventures especially in city sites, my players often enter buildings and examine them closely. No problem if this is special building and you have prepared it, but often you just need another tavern or pub or a merchants house.

This site should be a collection of all kind of floorplans, which can be used in fantasy role playing. I've searched the web desperately, but i didn't find one, so i started this site.


Call for Submissions!

I only put my hand drawn and scanned floor plans online. As this site should be a resource for GM's i need your help! Send me your handdrawn and scanned or computer drawn maps! I'll put them online on this site.

NOTE: The maps have to be free of rights from third parties!

The follwing things should be considered:

  • Decrease size by saving bitmap maps in compressed formats (JPG or 16 grey palette GIF pictures or black and white GIF pictures)
  • If you have a map that is vector based, convert it either to a bitmap image or to a postscript file.

If you submit me floorplans by email, please do not attach files that are bigger than 1 megabyte.If you have a mapfile with this size contact me for size reduction tips! Also it would be great if add a short description in a standard text file (ASCII) format.

You can sumbit your floorplans by mail it as attachment to

If your are not sure how to do, contact me.



I need your feed back! Send me your opinions and suggestions via email!


About me

I'm a 23 year old student of computer sience and i live in germany. I'm doing fantasy role playing since 7 years.


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